Identify motives behind behavior

SDI is a suite of assessments for effectively and accurately understanding the motives that color our perceptions and drive our behavior. 

Spot and prevent conflict

When faced with conflict, SDI reveals how people experience changes in their motivation predictably and sequentially in three stages.

Transform relationships

SDI is a practical methodology for empowering people to better understand the actions of others and create more effective personal and professional relationships.





Where is your buoy anchored?

Learn to choose behaviors to accommodate your underlying values,
while also taking into account the values of others.


Results Outside of the “Box”



It’s non-normative

Participants see their results as an arrow on a triangle. There are no boxes to be pigeon-holed in. The arrow indicates how frequently participants are motivated by a concern for People (Blue), Performance (Red), and Process (Green).

It assess two conditions

The SDI is a dual-state instrument, showing the degree and nature of changes when things are going-well and when there is conflict.

It's about interactions

The SDI triangle creates picture of personality makes it easier for people to understand the results and talk about them with the relationships that matter most.

 Key benefits of the Strength Deployment Inventory:

SDI reveals the “why”

It’s a snapshot of who we are—our personal system of motives that influence everything we see, feel, say and do.

SDI is intended for application

It’s an effective way to seamlessly integrate relationship and conflict management skills into nearly any training and leadership program.

SDI honors our differences

It’s an inventory of the unique way we value different strengths and interpret the actions of others.

SDI is memorable

It’s an experiential tool creating a common language for relationships and promoting common sense concepts in a highly visual manner.

SDI depersonalizes conflict

It’s a non-threatening method for dealing with the interpersonal conflict that is too often avoided.

SDI builds a picture of relationships

The graphical charting method allows work teams or other relationship groups to view each others’ results simultaneously.

What others are saying

  • “Participants who have had training with the SDI inventory continue to use the language of the SDI to resolve conflicts because it is simple, memorable and it accurately describes what is happening in conflict situations.”
    Pamela Chapman Foss, PMPIGSI Project Management Curriculum Development IBM
  • “Wow, wow, wow! Today’s workshop was a home run with bases loaded. The staff has talked about it all morning.” That’s a quote from one of the participants of the workshop that my director and I co-facilitated shortly after we received our certification. Having oversight for organizational development and team effectiveness, I will be using the Relationship Awareness Theory and tools to strengthen communication between different patient-care disciplines. There’s nothing better than to witness those ‘ah-ha’ moments when you know there’s true learning and capacity for change.  Having used numerous other behavioral assessments, the richness of the SDI, along with the ease in which it can be understood and put to use, is remarkable.”
    Joy Goldman RNMS Director, Center for Learning and Organizational Effectiveness St. Joseph Medical Center
  • “The SDI is a simple but effective and dynamic tool for understanding the driving forces behind behavior in both normal and conflict situations. It has become an essential tool for coaches and consultants who help their clients increase self-awareness and awareness of the motivations underpinning others behavior.”
    Robert DiCalogeroLeadership & Management Coaching, LLC
  • "I continue to find the SDI to be a real power tool. I also use the LBA II (Situational Leadership) and the MBTI with my students. Of those three instruments, I really think we get the most impact out of the SDI."
    Bill Velbeck, Ph.D., MBA, SPHR, CPT
  • “I'm amazed at the reception and instant connection to the SDI. People leave energized and begging for more."  
    Barbara Jemmott, Training Coordinator, Information TechnologyDeloitte & Touche
  • “The SDI was our instrument of choice to help us accomplish the rather daunting task of helping the department build sensitivity, plus skill in one day training sessions. Nearly 300 managers and line staff, in mixed groups, experienced the SDI. A few days after the training program was finished, the department director (also a participant) told us he had personally received more email, phone calls, and personal comment from staff about these programs than any training event in his memory. In fact, he said it was the most effective and memorable training experience for his department. WOW!”
    Al Baldwin, Director, Organization Development & TrainingContra Costa County

 Ready to Power Your Learning?

Get SDI Certified

Get SDI Certified

The SDI certification process provides learners with a thorough and practical understanding of how to utilize SDI assessments to successfully address issues such as retention, engagement, team leadership, effective coaching, and leadership development. Successful completion of facilitator certification is required to access and facilitate the full suite of SDI assessments. MORE

Experience the SDI

Experience the SDI

The applications of the SDI® are endless and have one common theme; better human interactions lead to better outcomes. The SDI can be invaluable in any environment where positive, effective relationship skills will enhance productivity and satisfaction. To learn more, contact a PSP relationship manager. CONTACT


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